At Yost Wealth Management we understand the personal and emotional feelings that people have with the money they have worked hard to accumulate. We understand that you may not feel comfortable sharing that very personal information with just anyone. Therefore, our first meeting is generally one to get to know each other. It will give you the chance to tell us what your financial goals and aspirations are. It gives us the chance to introduce you to Yost Wealth Management and what we can do to work together to help you pursue those goals. Once, we are in agreement that, it’s a good fit for everyone, we can dig into the specifics of where you are and what we need to do to help you get to where you want to be.

We want the relationship to be a personal one. That’s why we can start the process by meeting where you are the most comfortable and when is convenient to you. Often times, we find that that is at your kitchen table. Of course, we can always meet at our office, your place of business or another location of your choosing. It may seem old fashioned to meet face to face, but we believe that is the best way to build the trust and rapport necessary to create the one on one relationship to serve you best. Luckily in today’s world we can come close to achieving that same feeling using the technology currently available when the circumstances are not conducive to meeting face to face.