Coffee Club

An informative, relaxed, free and fun way to keep abreast of the some of the most challenging aspects of the global financial markets.

Several times a year, Yost Wealth Management hosts a morning coffee club, complete with coffee, Long’s donuts and an important financial topic for discussion.

After a brief presentation, clients and guests can add his or her point of view, ask questions and discuss key points, while developing a better understanding of timely financial issues.

While adding to your knowledge of financial matters, you have an opportunity to learn how others in the group feel about important financial issues that matter to you.

Through Coffee Club, Yost Wealth Management has created a family style, sense of community where clients and guests can learn and have an interactive environment.  Some of the topics covered in previous Coffee Clubs include:

– A Refresher: What is Asset Allocation?

– An economy only a mother could love!

– Social Security: Fix It!

– Health Care Reform! and Market Impacts

– Volatility: The New Normal or the Old?

Come join us for our next Coffee Club. Contact our office for specifics of our next gathering.